JSP Summer Skate Trip

The crew just went on it's yearly summer skate trip.  Starting in Wheeling, WV, where the skatepark is lit up all night.  After picking everyone up, we arrived in Wheeling around 10pm to find a good amount of locals there shredding.  This park has a lot to offer for any type of skater.  The street course isn't huge but is put together really well, the bowl is pretty grand in size, with tons of different pockets, coping, and transitions you'll never get bored!

Next Stop was the infamous Skatopia, located in Rutland, Ohio.  Whether you are skating the Lula Bowl, getting the tour from Owner Brewce himself, getting crushed in the Epcot Bean, or just shooting fireworks at us skating, Skatopia is never short of entertainment.  Since you are in the neighborhood, a stop at the new Pomeroy, Ohio park is definitely worth it! There's two small bowls that are a great mini-golf sesh.

Last stop was the Athens, Ohio park.  This place is really sick.  Built by Grindline in early 2000's, the concrete isn't polished so be ready to lose some skin when you go down.  There's awesome flow to this park with anything ranging from 2 feet to 11 feet, with a fullpipe/capsule setup at the end of the big bowl.  Stadium lights keep this place going into the night, and there's a sweet public pool right next to the park for some cool-downs. 

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