Here in western New York the seasons change. As the weather chills and the leaves fall from the trees, we start to think snow. Instead of hibernating indoors, with the heat on max cringing at the thought of stepping out into the white abyss, we bundle up in appropriate gear and shred! Mother nature was kind enough to gift this area with the lake effect snow machine. Our local resorts Holiday Valley and Peek N Peak have fun parks and freeriding. Unfortunately One of our favorites had a fire related disaster and is currently closed(RIP Cockaigne). There are also numerous small mountains and hills for the adventurer seeking some east coast back-country. For you street dwellers there are features littered all around western New York. Every winter pro boarders are in the area hunting for spots to crush.

Jamestown Skate Products has the fastest and least expensive tune in town. We can usually get it done in about 20 minutes so long as we are not overwhelmed with customers. You can also drop your boards off and pick them up at your convenience. We also do minor board and base repairs. Don't forget our skatepark is open all winter so stop by and warm up, or come skate if snow isn't your cup of tea.

Wax & Tuning

Hot Wax (Yes we wax Skis) - $10

Edge Tune - $10 ($15 for skis)

Wax and Edge - $18

P-tex base repair - $5 & up

Epoxy repair - $10 & up

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