Ready Yet?

As much as we all love the summer months, we have been thinking of the upcoming winter.  Living around this area all year is much easier if you can find ways to enjoy the cold & snowymonths. 

As always during winter, JSP will have it's line of JSP Snowboards for sale.  Our decks are made by Homewood Snowboards, which is located just 45 minutes away in Bradford, PA.  We stock twin tip, all mountain freestyle decks, but Homewood does offer a variety of deck styles if you are looking for something else.  They make great snowboards over at Homewood, and their setup is pretty rad.  If you find yourself in Bradford area, definitely stop by for a quick tour.

Please stop down to JSP to check out our setup, and get more info on any products we sell.  We do have an in-house skateboard manufacturing setup, along with an indoor skate spot.  We guarantee the stop will be worth it!