The JSP recently took a road trip out West for a couple of weeks.  Our main purpose was to move Alex Carlson to Mammoth, California.  Our crew included Nick Bettinger, Alex Carlson, and old filmer dude Pedro Boracho.

We hit parks, backyard bowls, and pools throughout Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California.  I would say it is a toss up between the Heckle Hole in Fairplay, Colorado or The Tahoe Inn, Lake Tahoe, Ca for the top skate spot on the trip. 

After arriving at our final destination, Mammoth, Ca, we skated the infamous Volcom Brother's Park for the week.  Luckily for us (and everyone else there), there was a bunch of crushers like Raven Tershey, Cody Chapman, Tom Scharr, PLG, Ben Hatchell, Sam Beckett, and more skating Mammoth the entire week, filming for a Thrasher edit.

This trip was one of the most productive, problem free road trips I've ever been on.  We hit so many spots, met a bunch of great people, and ate so much awesome Mexican food!  You can check out our mini-edits from the trip on our youtube or FB, or just use these links.