Chili Bowl Results

Another Chli Bowl Bash has come and gone, I'm going to have to say this was the best event we have ever had here at JSP. Great chili, live music, and INSANE skating! We had a lot of new faces this year which is always great to see. Thank you all again for coming down and supporting JSP, you guys are the reason we can have events like this. Also, thanks again to all our sponsors-Active Artists Alliance, Homewood Snowboards, Monster Energy Drinks, Lakai Footwear, Laces Out, and to everyone who donated chili!

The Chili Cookoff winner this year was our new guy to the JSP scene, Clint Peyton. Clint just moved here from San Diego and he can make a SPICY chili! Congrats Clint!

The skate comp was definitely the most intense it has ever been, everyone was killing it! It was anyone's contest all the way to the ending seconds of the finals.

1st Place-D_VON
2nd Place-Danny from Compton
3rd Place-Noah Butcher

1st Place-Mikey Berdis
2nd Place-Carlos Naffziger Brown
3rd Place-Nick Bettinger

Best Trick-Japhey Dow
Hardest Slam-Carlbart