Back To School Skate Trip-Peach Plaza, Greensburg, PA

Our next stop on this little trip was to Peach Plaza, in Greensburg, PA.  This park was really rad, with an older section filled with street obstacles, weird trannies, and big stairsets.  The newer section consisted of two bowls, one being kind of like a small snake run, and then a big bowl ranging from 5 feet to 10 feet.   


As far as skating goes, Peach Plaza was the highlight of the trip.  The setup there is really diverse with good bowls, and really fun lines through the street course area.  The only drawback would be the amount of non-skater crowd.  We all love little kids, but there is a time and a place for certain things.  There were tiny little kids, girls the size of dolls, riding bikes with training wheels in between all the ramps.  This just seemed outrageously dangerous for these kids, but I guess their parents are totally fine with flying skateboards flying by their toddler's heads.  

We shredded here for awhile, getting really fun lines all over the park-I know all of us would love to have this as our local park!